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The River Overseas

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  1. l m 32 years old guy interested to know about the current demand of Al Shayada from UAE.
    I have a good command in speaking as well as writing English.There’s no doubt about this.I worked in Abu Dhabi as a PSBD security Guard for more than two years.Then as a office assistant in a Manpower corresponding with Internationalclients and coordinating with staffs,documenting,recording data for six months.
    I want to know if there is possibility for me to apply in any jobs in Hotel sector in spite of not having experience. However for me learning any kind of things takes no time.I am confident in myself that I can learn new things
    quickly to perfection.I believe in myself anything can be done with honest heart and perseverance.

    1. For that, you need to contact The River Overseas Office and I’m not the STAFF of that company. You are visiting and viewing my personal website. I don’t work with any manpower agencies. They are just my clients for softwares and websites. Visit for more details about that company with their emails and contacts.

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