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Chhaya Center Thamel

Chhaya Center Thamel

Portfolio Date : 01-07-2018

Portfolio Category : Corporate

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Something About The Client

Chhaya Center – A complex just completed for the tourist attraction is projected to be the largest and the most lavishing modern and hi-fi complex with the total area of 76,000 sq.ft. Situated just at the doorway to Thamel, the project is the fusion of traditional architecture and the modern amenities of every kind – where security and safety are the primary priorities. The prioritized design of the complex allows the smooth and the orderly movement of people and vehicles.

Our vision is to emerge as the destination hub in Thamel for tourist and travelers coming to Nepal by constructing a single multifaceted building in the heart of Thamel. Our project conception endeavors to create a miniature Thamel in the heart of Thamel.

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