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Something About WordPress

Something About WordPress

WordPress was started in 2003 with a few number of users as an open source blogging tool and CMS or content management system. What initially started as a blogging system to enhance the typography of regular writing, has now become a full fledged online content management system. Built on the core systems of PHP and MySQL, WordPress includes features like template systems and plug in architectures. It has so much to offer, including thousands of themes, plugins and widgets.

WordPress is an open source project which means that users can download the software along with the source. It also means that thousands of people around the world are working on it to improve it every single day. WordPress reportedly has over 10 million viewers and is used on millions of sites. WordPress is also known for the WordCamp which is used by WordPress users for others at low cost. These are the connectivity initiatives that set WordPress apart from forums and mailing lists.

WordPress offers thousands of free themes for you to choose from. Users have the freedom to swap between themes while not changing the content or style. In addition, WordPress has thousands of themes and new ones are constantly being created. Basically, users get a new website every time they change the themes without having to change anything else.

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