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National Disabled Fund

National Disabled Fund

Portfolio Date : 2010

Portfolio Category : Non Government Organization

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In accordance with the proclamation of UN General Assembly of 1976 December, International Year of Disabled Persons (IYDP) was observed in 1981 worldwide. The general assembly also called for an action plan at international, regional and national levels with emphasizing on equalization of opportunities of rehabilitation and prevention of disabilities. In Nepal, different disabled related programs were implemented, in 1981, announcing an International Year of Disabled Persons. The National Disabled Fund has been established on the 31st of December 1981 by the government thanks to the initiation of the Social Welfare Council. As a humanitarian organization, NDF has been rendering support to Persons with Disabilities through implementing meaningful charitable programs focusing on education, vocational trainings, physical rehabilitation and enhancing living condition of People with Disabilities for over more than three decades.

NDF would continue to ensure equality in every sectors of development so that every Person with Disabilities has access to assistive device, education, employment, political right and socialization.

NDF provides required support services to disabled persons for ensuring economic independence and social inclusion in every aspect of development

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