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Good Service International Pvt Ltd.

Good Service International Pvt Ltd.

Portfolio Date : 2016-06-05

Portfolio Category : Recruiting Agency

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Something About The Client

Good Service International Pvt Ltd. is a manpower recruiting agency in Nepal which is established in 2012, Our office is located in the heart of the city of Kathmandu Nepal. We are registered and approved as a recruiting agent with the Ministry of Labor & manpower and our license number is Licence No. 1017/068/069. We have the professionals who could supply the right candidates to meet the desired / required job specifications. Nepal is blessed with huge manpower resources and our agency offers prudent approach in mobilizing both skilled and unskilled personnel from Nepal to meet the requirements of our clientele in the Middle east and our countries. In order to keep up the standard of our service we accomplish our responsibilities from recruitment to getting the clearance of health fitness

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