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Evasion Trekking Pvt. Ltd.

Evasion Trekking Pvt. Ltd.

Portfolio Date : 2017-05-03

Portfolio Category : Travel Agency

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Something About The Client

For many people, especially the adventurous, a trip to Nepal to experience the Himalayas is a lifelong dream. At Evasion Trekking, our goal is to make that dream a reality and to exceed your expectations with a unique and memorable experience. We guarantee to provide the highest level of safety, unparalleled customer service and an all around top quality experience in all areas from our expert team, comfortable accommodation and tasty meals.

At Evasion Trekking, great care is taken when choosing the team and only highly qualified and experienced staff are hired to ensure customer expectations are met and exceeded. We maintain good working relationships with all those involved and all are treated with much respect and fairness. The result is a dynamic, well-trained, experienced and top quality staff who know their job well and deliver the experience our customers desire.

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