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Blogists theme questions

Blogists theme questions

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Julie T. asked 4 months ago


I’m working on applying the Blogists theme to a website that I’m working on and I’ve run into two issues/questions.

1. Under Customizing Homepage Settings, I’m trying to show one of my static pages. I’ve selected ‘a static page’ to be displayed and selected the correct page from the dropdown, but no content is rendering on this page. All other pages are working fine. There are no console errors.

2. The demo preview for this theme shows functionality to build a photo collage (that’s one of the reasons why I selected this theme). However, I’m not sure how to build a photo collage like the one shown in the demo. Could you send me some direction on this?

Thank you,

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Shrestha Suman Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi Julie, Thanks for chooisng my theme Blogists..!!
Question #1:
By default, this theme works perfectly with the demo site as mine and there is no need to create “A Static Page” to display, so select the “Your Latest Posts” option for this from Customize > Homepage Settings. After that go to “Blogists Theme Options” for more configuration to chose the front-page category display settings and all Done..!!
Question #2:
Go to “Posts” menu tab, Select any post that you wish to display in front-page with full banner as in demo site. Edit that selected post and at right sidebar top side at Publish tab section, Visibility: Public, click on Edit and click at checkbox of Stick this post to the front page. This means it is a Sticky Post. Now click at Update button to save the current setting.
Currently Blogists only supports the single sticky post and the Blogists Pro has many other features with unlimited banner slider in front-page.
Let me know if any other issues you have faced, I’m happy to solved them out..
Thanks and best regards,

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