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Venus Enterprises

Venus Enterprises

Portfolio Date : 2010

Portfolio Category : Corporate House

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Something About The Client

Venus Enterprises was established in 1996 with the objective of providing the waterproofing treatments, supplying the chemicals, and above all creating the awareness for the waterproofing works. It has successfully carried out waterproofing works in numerous projects since its establishment.

Enterprises is not a new and beginner itself. It has embraced the number of professionals engaged in designs construction, and actual waterproofing works. It is in a position to provide efficient services in the modern construction. Some of the services can be traced as follows:

Application and supply of construction chemicals for waterproofing treatments and protective measures.
Especial construction treatment works such as crack treatment, treatment of honeycomb in concrete by pressure grouting and other necessary techniques.
Sealing of construction and expansion joints.
Water repellent treatment for tiles and bricks.

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