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Trust Me Foundation

Trust Me Foundation

Portfolio Date : 2014

Portfolio Category : Non Government Organization

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Something About The Client

TMF will offer the insight into possible industrial investment on where there is great potentiality with detailed information. TMF will create a healthy, vibrant, peaceful and justifiable environment where potential investors like you will be able to have a positive interaction with the entrepreneurs of Nepal to the utmost high level where there is a clean and clear picture of business possibilities and ethics. You will be able to have meetings with political party leaders, Finance Minister, Industry Minister, businessmen and other relevant people and stakeholders of the community accordingly.

The Government of Nepal had declared the last fiscal year as Investment Year with an aim to attract adequate foreign investment and the positive sign is still continuous although there may be small gaps to be made clear. TMF will provide detailed information about the incentives of our industrial policy and how that sector can benefit you and Nepal respectively. TMF aim to bring this gap into a fruitful taste for all good causes. Good governance from all sides will be the main factor to be dealt with while seriousness in performing the job shall be the key factor.

TMF will be the main bridge for a good start. My involvement will not have any vested interest with any political party. However, TMF will enforce TMF commitment for women’s empowerment in relation to providing training and employment for them especially for those from the rural areas where the industry will be established. TMF task will create jobs and income earned by them shall be an asset for their prosperity amongst their families. TMF hope to take this opportunity by bringing multi-nationals and prospective entrepreneurs to establish business ventures that will provide skilled as well as unskilled jobs in our own country, rather than letting people go elsewhere to other nations looking for jobs leaving behind their family, children and elderly parents who have a hard time taking care of themselves.

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