Customize the WordPress Tag Cloud Widget

How to Display Popular Posts by Views in WordPress without a Plugin

First thing we need to do is create a function that will detect post views count and store it as a custom field for each post. To do this, paste the following codes in your theme’s functions.php file or better in a site-specific plugin: function wpb_set_post_views($postID) { $count_key = ‘wpb_post_views_count’; $count = get_post_meta($postID, $count_key, true); […]

Adding Multiple Custom Excerpt Lengths In WordPress

By default WordPress excerpts are set to 55 words and there is an excerpt_length filter which allows you to change this default value to your length of choice. But what if you wanted a different excerpt length on your portfolio then those on your blog archives? Well, I recently stumbled across a really great function […]

Something About WordPress

WordPress was started in 2003 with a few number of users as an open source blogging tool and CMS or content management system. What initially started as a blogging system to enhance the typography of regular writing, has now become a full fledged online content management system. Built on the core systems of PHP and […]

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