YACCA Overseas Employment Consult P. Ltd.

YACCA Overseas Employment Consult P. Ltd.

Portfolio Date : 2015-08-22

Portfolio Category : Manpower

Portfolio URL : http://yacca.com.np/

Something About The Client

YACCA Overseas Employment Consult P. Ltd. is one of the major recruitment agencies in Nepal established in 2000 AD under the department of Labour, the government regulatory body for the recruitment agencies.

It was established by the leading experts in the field of recruitment services, in answer to the ever-growing need for the finest and most dependable skills in various field.

Our sincere sense of mission and service and the vital urge to promote the best image of Nepali workers abroad are the fundamental ideals that inspired the establishment of this Company. With on-the-job experience in Nepal recruitment over past 10 years, YACCA inspite of very stiff competition, is more than ever confident in its ability to work effectively within its clients.

Based on its proficiency and clean record with Ministry of Labour, Department of Labour, Government agencies regulating the deployment of Nepalese workers abroad. YACCA ranked as one of the top 5 best agencies that deployed manpower to different countries.

YACCA philosophy is based on the concept of quality and speed which can be best achieved by people with experience in the business. We have a well trained, hard working and dedicated individuals which provides the opportunity to demonstrate its efficiency and its potentials.

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