SANGSANGAI For Nation Building

SANGSANGAI For Nation Building

Portfolio Date : 2011

Portfolio Category : Non Government Organization

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Something About The Client

Established in 2011, SANGSANGAI is a registered non for profit, purely youth run and youth led organization working to upgrade the education standard in community school of rural areas and youth leadership through empowerment and advocacy as well as to strengthen the economic level of rural youths and women. SANGSANGAI was born among a group of committed youths, working in various social and academic sectors since 2008. The initial focus was and still is to develop leadership skill of youths and train them as youth activists and advocates for work in rural communities. Meanwhile SANGSANGAI’s plans to work on microfinance projects to improve the income level of Nepalese citizens led to the realization of seriousness on sectors such as education, youth as well as economic issues and the needed act, which finally took the shape of SANGSANGAI.

“SANGSANGAI” is purely a Nepalese word which has its dictionary meaning of being together or togetherness. True to its meaning, we plan to work together with every concerned people, organization, government bodies and other institutions to uplift the income level of peoples and support the education system by cognition. We believe that education must be of quality rather than quantity. Since its formation, Sangsangai has concentrated upon the holistic approach to youth education and economic issues especially working in volunteerism, personality development and sustainable leadership. With its strong networking, good leadership and youth friendly environment, Sangsangai has provided a platform for youths to explore themselves and to discuss and act on local and global issues.

“Sangsangai for Nation Building”

Principle Value
Sangsangai aims to create youth- adult partnership in several social, economic, educational and youth issues. Youth between the age group of 16-35 govern, make decisions and run Sangsangai. We are committed to work with youths and for the youths and other concerned people who entrust their interests in building our nation regardless of their gender, origin, geography, ethnicity, race, religion, etc.

“Developing responsible youths to be self-sustained and tomorrow’s global leaders through cognitive and practical education.”

Sangsangai intends to fulfill this vision by:

Empowering youth to participate in global issues in response to practical education and economic leadership.
Advocating for greater youth participation at various level.

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