JP Foundation

JP Foundation

Portfolio Date : 2012

Portfolio Category : Non Government Organization

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Something About The Client

JP Foundation was established in honor of late Jaya Prasad Dahal, an uneducated rural farmer who believed from inner soul that “life becomes dark without education” and spent entire life by helping others gain education by supporting fund and establishing schools at the place where he was born and brought up. To carry out his noble visionary dream and deep inspiration, JP Foundation focuses on education, health and other numerous philanthropic deeds.

Legal Status
JP Foundation is a non-profitable, non- religious, non-political and non-governmental philanthropic organization registered at Kathmandu District Administrative Office in 1994, and is affiliated to the Social Welfare Council (SWC) as tax-free organization.

Foundation’s logo’s candle symbolizes wisdom.

To contribute towards innovation on dignity, integrity, nobility and harmony healthy life culture and society in Nepal

To promote self-reliance on education, health, conservation sector i.e. bio-diversity, cultural and spiritual diversity through policy, media, legal advocacy and research.

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